KX-6 Special

KX-6 Special. A Single Shot backed by 135 years of Krieghoff

A pure single barrel competition Trap gun with the singles, handicap and league shooter in mind. Featuring the familiar high post adjustable rib and corresponding high-profile rollover stock borrowed from the K-80 Trap Special. The KX-6 Special offers the shooter a more upright head position, providing a wider field of vision and lessened perceived recoil.

12 Gauge; 3” chambers
Barrel Lengths:
34" barrel with 12mm-8mm ventilated free-floating adjustable rib
Right-handed or Left handed “Monte Carlo” buttstock with fully adjustable comb, palm swell and trap style forearm.


  • Free-floated barrel proofed for steel shot
  • Adjustable 12-8mm ventilated free-floating adjustable rib
  • Extended factory screw-in chokes, incl. three titanium choke tubes and choke wrench (M,LIM,IM standard offering)
  • Nickel plated steel action
  • Hinge screws are blued
  • Adjustable trigger for grip length
  • Adjustable trigger pull (3 1/4 - 3 3/4 lbs) and travel
  • Adjustable comb
  • Monte Carlo buttstock with fully Adjustable Rollover Comb
  • Stock Finish: SEF (Satin Epoxy Finish)
  • Krieghoff-Negrini gun case

Specifications And Options


  • Three Titanium screw-in chokes
  • Three Titanium screw-in chokes, matte black
  • Three Titanium screw-in chokes, gold plated
Barrel Porting

Available from the factory for 12 Gauge barrels to reduce felt recoil and muzzle jump.

Krieghoff HIVIZ Pro

High Visibility fiber optic optional shotgun sight


Extended Factory screw-in chokes

Additional Krieghoff Titanium Extended screw-in chokes are available in 12 Gauge constrictions ranging from Cylinder (.000″) to Super Full (.040″).

Chokes are available in the following constrictions:

Number Marking Size Constriction
00 CYL Cylinder .000″
0 SK Skeet .005″
1 IC Improved Cylinder .010″
1+ LM Light Modified .015″
2 M Modified IM .020″
2+ LIM Light improved Modified .025″
3 IM Improved Modified .030″
4 F Full .035″
5 SF Super Full* (12 Ga Only) .040″



Surface finish
  • Nickel plated receiver finish
Woodstock category
  • Standard
Exclusive wood categories as stock blanks (hand-crafted)

Due to the high cost of raw materials, wood grades higher than CAT005 often require a custom made stock. The exclusive Exhibition stock blanks are limited. Therefore the availability can not be guaranteed.

Left-handed stock

Left-handed stocks available.

Hand-crafted stock
  • Custom made stock with ergonomic grip and finger grooves as well as an adjustable butt plate
  • Buttstock with standard dimensions
  • Buttstock with special dimensions, made to customer’s specifications
  • Forearm with standard dimensions
  • Forearm with special dimensions, made to customer’s specifications, beavertail or semi-beavertail forearm
Hand-polished stock-finish, grain filled
  • Matte
  • High gloss
Monogram plate
  • Inlet into pistol grip cap
  • Steel pistol grip cap fully covering
  • Two letters engraved
  • Two letters engraved in relief style
  • Two letters in silver
  • Two letters in gold
Adjustable butt plate

Adjustable butt plate available.

Length of pull adjustment option

Length of Pull 14 1/2″ adjustable with the addition of pre-fitted spacers.  Comb adjustment range 1 1/4″ to 1 5/8″ drop

Optional fully adjustable Krieghoff Butt Plate.

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